Tuesday, May 20, 2014

She's 4!

Happy Birthday Lady A!

I can't believe you are 4 years old today.  Such a big girl!  No more strollers, only speeding around on your scooter.  Almost makes me want to have another little one.  


But that would be a true miracle, and my miracle girl is you.  One day I'll explain what I mean, but we have plenty of time for that.  

I am in awe of you every day.  I am so lucky to be your mom -- to get to spend every day with your joy, sense of style, and imagination. You are beautiful and confident.  You roar, both literally and figuratively. The strength in that tiny little body is incredible. From the way you propel yourself across the monkey bars to the way you command attention, you are a FORCE. 

As you know, the story is you came into the world not crying, but looking around with your big brown eyes, announcing your arrival and checking everything out.  "I'm here, people.  And you better recognize," you seemed to say.  The only thing missing was the finger snap of fierceness. 

You know what you want.  You don't need Frank Sinatra or anyone else who's interpreted that personal anthem to tell you to do it, "My Way." 

And when someone, i.e., your brother, gives you the business, you proudly remind him, "I'm not going anywhere." Put that in your pipe and smoke it, dude.

Already you know how to call me out when I'm wrong, and to remind me that though you may be mighty, you're still only a little girl.  Your ability to ask insightful questions and to speak your mind is a gift -- one that I pray you will use wisely and never, ever lose.  A lovely and intelligent young woman like you will need a strong voice, and will need to be one, too.

You've had so many amazing moments this year, from leading your class in a song you made up yourself, to your first recital in which you were the picture of poise and elegance.  You were a true professional, at home on the big stage.  I want you to know that while I'd love you to choose dance as your thing -- to share in my love of that glorious art form, I want you to find your own bliss, and I'll support you however I can in anything from basketball to basket weaving. 

I could go on and on, but I'm going to stop before I melt into a puddle on the keyboard. 

I hope your day is a million times more wonderful than how much I adore you.  

Which means a whole lot.

Happy Birthday, my love.

Happy Birthday!

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