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All of us look at some moms, and wonder, "How the hell does she do all that?!"

Are you one of those awe-inspiring women?

Mom's New Stage is proud to feature women who chase after, play with, educate, feed, dress, amuse, chauffeur and love their kids with fierce abandon, while remaining viable forces in creative, fitness and/or entrepreneurial fields.

If this describes you, then you are stageworthy!  You are a perfect candidate for a Mom's New Stage interview!  I welcome dancers, actors, writers, bloggers, Pilates and yoga instructors, nutritionists, singers, musicians, architects, filmmakers, fashion and jewelry designers, caterers, boutique owners, photographers...

And the list goes on.

Apply to be an interviewee at  Please include your current field, a brief bio and the ages of your child(ren).

Past interviewees have included:

Alexandra Beller
Dancer/Choreographer/Teacher. Artistic Director, Alexandra Beller Dances.

Sara Lamm
Filmmaker, co-director, Birth Story: Ina May Gaskin and the Farm Midwives  

Marja Germans Gard
Jewelry Design. Owner, lemonade handmade

Liz Zorek
Photographer. Owner, Give Me a Whistle Photography

Jennifer Damsky
Pilates Instructor

Nicole Shaw
Humorist at NinjaMomBlog and NickMom

Kati Hanlon-Mayo
Dancer, formerly North Carolina Dance Theater


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