Sunday, February 8, 2015

How to REALLY Teach Dance

Plan some fantastic movement.  Something that gives your dancers a challenge, but is also fun to do!

Demonstrate it clearly and full out.  Really inspire everyone in the studio to rise to the occasion!

Show it again several times. Be very specific. Painstakingly  describe actions and movement quality. Carefully draw attention to the counts or any other tricky elements.

Wonder why everyone is still confused, but remain confident that you have created a nifty little phrase. Your dancers are sure to have their "A-ha" moment any time now!

Like any good teacher would, consider the possibility that you haven't addressed the multiplicity of learning styles in the room. Demonstrate three more times super slowly.  The first time, accentuate physical form; the second time narrate as though you were on the witness stand testifying in court; and the third time, emphasize musicality.  

Stifle your annoyance that your beautiful little phrase is on its way to becoming the Obamacare of dance combinations.

Attempt to answer a few more questions in as sweetly and as rationally as you can without bursting into deafening and primal sobs. Question what evil you could have possibly committed to deserve working with this group of so-called "dancers."

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and be filled with the conviction that "it's not you, it's THEM.”

Finally, stop fighting your feelings.  You’re going to have to say that thing you've been longing to say for YEARS.  After every hopelessly stupid question. After every damn excuse or reason why someone just can’t do what you’re asking.  After every persnickety analysis about the placement of your friggin’ pinky finger.

Just do the step!  Just. Do. The. #$%&ing. STEP! 

Shock yourself a little, realizing you've hit a new low in your teaching.

Smile. Because you’ve also hit a new high.

What Your Dance Teacher is Really Thinking #DTFS from Mom's New Stage on Vimeo.

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