Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Wednesday Why: Checked Out Parents

Why is it that...

at the playground, the mom (or dad or babysitter) with the child most likely to maim one of his peers, is the one completely lost in a book or some form of technology?

Is it denial? Is it sheer laziness?
Is this person resigned to raising a future resident of Cell Block F?
Is it adamant refusal not to be a helicopter guardian, and to demonstrate a more laissez-faire parenting style?
Is it a passive desire to initiate a playground smackdown?
Is it a wish to conduct Darwinian experiments?

What is going on in these people's heads?  What?!!!!


  1. In Hyde Park, I would say Darwinian experiment...regardless, it takes a village and sometimes non caregivers must intercede....

  2. I once felt like I was the unpaid entertainment for the kids at the public pool in my neighborhood. If you show up at the pool with a swimming Elmo and are playing WITH your child rather than working on your tan and Facebooking, you WILL be watching every child in the area within about 5 minutes. They were like a swarm of bees.


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