Monday, May 28, 2012

Reality Bites Supermom!

Once upon a time you were a well-read, articulate, and attractive woman.  You had your you-know-what TOGETHER.  Smart and capable, you took charge, kicking ass at most everything you put your hand to.

Then you decided to be a mother.

You knew you'd apply all that brainpower -- all that COMPETENCE -- and you'd be fantastic - a supermom without breaking a sweat.  Those gals who said motherhood was hard?  Probably couldn't even spell "baby."  Not fit to look at your high-heeled shoes.

You'd read and study and ace this thing! You'd make Mother Theresa look like Jeffrey Dahmer; Mr. Rogers like Marilyn Manson.

Then it hitcha.  Right in the boonda like a frat house paddle.

Ooo-ooo-oooh, so that's what they were talking about.

Reality Bites has a whole new meaning from what it did in 1994, don't it?

So if you feel like without coffee and wine you might do yourself harm; if you have ever wondered how you haven't misplaced your chillun (or, let's face it, have wished just for a moment that you did), if you are sure that the universe should at least give you a "A" for effort.

If you have wondered who the f--k this Supermom chick is anyway...

This Brite's for you.

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