Thursday, May 31, 2012

So a Parent Walks Into a School...

I've spent a lot of time in schools.

There was preschool, then my K-12 school, then college, with dance school there all the way through.

Then post college, while dancing, I was a teacher. I taught at studios ranging from Dolly Dinklesque to conservatory we-send-students-to-leading-companies-and-Julliard schools. I taught at a fancy and rigorous girls' school in Manhattan.

As parents at school went, I thought I had seen it all.

Then I became a parent sending her kids to school.  While I have met some fabulous families, families whom I'd love to see become lifelong friends, there are (sorry if you think I'm beating a dead horse) some crazy folks on the lurk.

I really could have used a guide, like the one given to Lindsay Lohan's character at the beginning of Mean Girls.

Lucky for you, today's post will guide you through the jungle of parents at your kids' school, giving you a descriptions and strategies to help you emerge from potentially stressful or even dangerous, interactions, unscathed!

To receive your tour of Parentland, you'll have to put on your ruby slippers, and click your heels on over to Cocktails With Mom!

We'll wait for you to pour a drink. . .


  1. It seems all of my kids friends are amazing, there parents on the other hand crazy! Like capital "C" crazy with a dash of weirdness. It is really sad because we come to love the kids and can't stand the parents.

  2. I went over and read Keesha's post. OMG, my sister and I were just talking about this yesterday! I have met all these parents and I'm always amazed at what I see. This year, my son had a girl in class who's mom is a stripper! He told the kids all about it! UGH! Great post.

  3. I can't wait to be able to meet parents at my children's school. I have a long way off but I am looking forward to finding other "crazy" parents like me.

  4. These are good to know, as I'll start student teachig this fall. I'm sure with each parent I meet, I'll think of this list & try to "label" them :)

    Stopping by from VoiceBok!

  5. I went over to cocktails with mom and your post was real funny :) Don't know which one I am though :D


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