Monday, March 11, 2013

My Shameless Self Promotion of I Just Want to Pee Alone

Last week you learned that I'm an only child who would give you the shirt off her back (and then call all her friends and ask why she lets herself be doormatted again and again).

Okay, for realz.  You learned that I was graciously invited by the fantastic Jen of People I Want to Punch in the Throat to be in a wildly funny anthology with 36 of the best mom bloggers out there today.  You learned that I could share the they-should-totally-be-famous writing of the other authors in the book.

Now I am going to do some shameless self-promotion.  I was never good at it.  When I was performing or had choreographed a piece, my most forceful invitation went something like this, "Hey, I'm kind of in a show. You should come. If you want."  When I got a great review in the paper, I kept it in my inner circle.

Shouting out one's accomplishments to the world seemed immodest and boastful.  The Dowager Countess would decry such behavior as not merely unladylike, but hopelessly plebeian, worthy of a ditchdigger or field hand.

I mean, if you were really worth something wouldn't your reputation precede you?  Wouldn't people be banging down your door with compliments and begging you to work with them?  Wouldn't they worship you just because?  Wouldn't you have your own perfume line at Target?

Ask me how that's worked out for me.

So eff that ess!  I'm going to self-promote until my ass falls off.

I am in an ab-workout funny book about motherhood, that blasted to the top of the charts on Amazon and I-tunes in a matter of days!  I am kiss-the-sky proud to be in a book that is is nothing short of brilliant, and is the best thing to happen to motherhood since vodka in juice boxes  the stroller cupholder. 

There. I said it. 

I Just Want To Pee Alone is a collection of hilarious stories from 37 of the most popular and humorous mom bloggers on the internet about the funny side of parenting.

Motherhood is the toughest – and funniest – job you’ll ever love. Raising kids is hard work. The pay sucks, your boss is a tyrant, and the working conditions are pitiful – you can’t even take a bathroom break without being interrupted with another outrageous demand.  This book is a must-have for every mother in your life, featuring me, Mom's New Stage, People I Want To Punch In The Throat, Insane in the Mom-Brain, The Divine Secrets of a Domestic Diva, Baby Sideburns and:

Ready to Order yours?  Terrific. And it's like there's an easy button.



APPLE Buy it at iTunes.

NOOK - B&N is taking its sweet time. In the meantime, you can get it from Smashwords. Just follow the instructions for NOOK. CLICK HERE.


Mother's Day is coming up.  Baby Showers.  Give it to a mom who needs to find the funny in motherhood, a mom who needs to know that we've all been there, a mom who is desperate for a party in the covers (between the covers of a book, I mean.)

And of course this makes a great gift for that sister, neighbor or colleague who swears that she will be the mom who makes Victoria Beckham look like the troll from under the bridge.  Hello, reality check!

If you would like to order a signed copy through me, I'd be honored. Just shoot me an email!  (Chicago folks, I am happy to sell you copies and arrange pickup, to save you shipping costs.)

I'm so excited and I hope you just adore I Just Want to Pee Alone. 

And, by the way, it doesn't really count as shameless self-promotion if you promote other people, does it? 

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