Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Public Service Announcements Moms Need

I only know two people who ride motorcycles, and while I like them, they aren't particularly close friends of mine. 

But, now I think about them and everyone else who rides a bike because of this simple public service announcement:  

I thought I ALWAYS saw motorcycles.  I mean how could you miss them?  They're loud and disruptive like a hard-ripped fart in yoga class.  And while many motorcyclists seem like men and women genuinely out to enjoy the wind in their hair (or over their scalps), there are just as many who drive as though no one told them they weren't filming a super-testosteroney chase scene, weaving and cutting people off.  Some without helmet the first.  Others perhaps even with some woman hanging on to their waist, her buttocks so upturned she's in a prime position for Act III of a Brazilian wax.  

As a nervous wreck of a responsible driver, I began to wonder, was I not seeing motorcycles?  Was I not thinking of the rider's overall humanity and mortality? Was I just seeing a hunk of metal made for folks whose inner bad-ass needed to speed down the road on a motorized hunk of metal?  Could I possibly be the target of such a sign?

Whatever the case, it made an impression. I vowed to be more careful.  

That three-word campaign not only did its job, but deserved an award. Don Draper'd love that message so much he'd give it some cocktails and hop into bed with it.

Maybe this brilliance could work at home, with other blindness issues.  Blindness brought on by youth.  Blindness induced by taking someone for granted. And of course blindness brought on by not giving a shit.

Ask any overworked mom and she'll tell you that she'd kill for her family to see the clutter. The toys everywhere. The dishes in the sink. The dusty furniture. The piles of laundry.  She'd do anything for them to see the mess and then get up off their butts and do something about it.  

The people most in need of a PSA about changing the way people see?


And while I might not know a good advertising slogan from a boil on a guinea pig's ass, I'm going to give it a shot.

Here goes. . .

So yes, man child sitting over there with the I-pad, or watching TV with his feet up.  Yes, little girl trying on 860 ballerina outfits and putting every single one in the hamper.  Yes, person treating his home like Picasso's studio and a hoarder's lair.

This message is for you.

Look around and see. And then be moved to do something called "cleaning."

'Cause if you don't, you might find yourself without things like clothes and food, let alone a clean plate or sink to use.  Because your mom/wife/cook/maid might start living by this PSA:


  1. So funny!!!!! I need some of those stickers.Except they'd have to be followed up with several more stickers explaining, step by step, what to with each of those items. "No, don't look away. Pick it up… okay, good… now put it in the dishwasher…"

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