Thursday, January 9, 2014

What if the Downton Abbey Characters BLOGGED?

In the early 1900s people recorded their thoughts and activities in journals and diaries.  For the most part, these were intended to be private and remained so.

Now, in the early 2000s people record ANYTHING and EVERYTHING with the intention of sharing it via the Internet, with EVERYONE. The goal is to go viral -- to infect affect millions with one's cleverness.  And I am just as guilty as anyone.


Let's take a minute to ponder what it would be like if our favorite Brits from pre- WWII, i.e. the characters of Downton Abbey, BLOGGED.  


Mr. Bates


Lord Grantham

Lady Edith
The Dowager Countess and Mr. Carson

Mr. Molesley

Lady Rose


The Dowager Countess

Daisy and Alfred

Mrs. Patmore

Man, I'd love to read those! Not to mention the comments...

If you liked that, and crave more Downton inspired excellence, then you simply must check out these posts from some of my favorite blogging mega-talents.  Brew yourself a spot of tea -- or better yet -- make yourself a G & T and have a laugh!

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  1. Keesha, I am dying. This is the funniest thing I have ever read and I am now working on printing and framing ALL of these graphics for my house. I love you.

  2. This was hilarious! Now I want to watch this show.

  3. I love every single one of these and the graphics that go with them!


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