Monday, February 27, 2012

Wall Art Haiku*

Oh, Mother of S--t!
Who crayola-ed up my walls?
So pissed I can’t breathe.

Fury rises up.
Our home - just like Fred Sanford’s.
Why me? Why our house?!

Can I rub it off?
Are these these the washable ones?
No! Crap! FML!

Check the computer.
Surely someone’s figured out
a way to fix this.

Yay! A remedy!
Spray WD-40,
then wipe it away.

Now where is that stuff?
In some box of tools and junk,
I hope to find it.

Okay, say a prayer.
Aim the nozzle at wall art.
Wipe it to hist’ry.

A sigh of relief
I can hug my little child,
and continue on.

So ends this saga –
“Wall Art Debacles.”  Next time -
a frame around it.

*If you enjoyed this brilliant (wink, wink) haiku tale, check out Date Night Haiku!


  1. Somehow, I feel more at peace now. What a soothing treatment of an infuriating event. Ellen

  2. Will wrote huge h's all over a wall in our dining room and I have yet to clean the crayon off! Another friend mentioned WD-40, so now that I have confirmation, I'm going to try it right now! :)

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