Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Date Night Haiku

Our once a month date
A well-reviewed restaurant
A great night we’re due!

Dressing is so hard
Damn! Where’s my new cute black top?
I rock the frump style.

Kids, cooperate!
Please, get us out of this house.
I crave six cocktails.

We forgot this world,
Hip, cool, beautiful people
Eating pricey food.

In the know banter,
We overhear.  Our whole world,
the focus: children.

Drink loosens the tongue.
Feel just a bit of that spark.
Oh yeah, it is you…

My love, the father
of my much beloved children,
not just a roommate.

“What’s wrong now?” you ask?
I don’t love what I ordered.
Whatever. It’s fine.

What do you mean, “You?”
No, just say it.  You think I
am always pissed off?

Let’s not go there, k?
I’m not the one who cannot
wash an effing dish.

God, it seems we can’t
sit in civilized comp’ny
and have a nice time.

That’s not how we roll.
We look away, chewing food,
amidst merry folks. 

Pay. Leave holding hands.
Yes, we’ll try again next month. 
Hope springs eternal. 


  1. AWESOME!!!! This may be my favorite post EVER! Sounds all too familiar. Oh wait... I don't even bother with date night anymore. Yes, it's sad.

  2. First, let me say how impressed I am that you got this down in haiku form. Amazing! But also? Man, this sounds like our date nights. One bad comment can screw the whole thing up. AND, we're usually sitting next to folks with kids our own age, so I feel like I never really left them at home.


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