Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring Break: Where The Only Thing Out of Control is my To-do List

This is not yo' Mama's Spring Break

Today’s the Monday of spring break.
So much to do, so much at stake!
I think that I have overplanned.
My ambitions are apparently way too grand.

I don’t have to teach, I don’t have to work.
But with this to-do list I feel berserk.
So many things that I’ve put off.
A more organized mom, would surely scoff
at me, I’m so disorganized,
for chaos, surely I win the prize.
But this week must be my redemption.
I swear I'm bursting with good intention!

Let’s see…

A good friend gave birth to twinners -
I am long overdue to bring her dinner!
Twenty bananas in my freezer, no bluffin’
My kids would love banana muffins!
Thank God that Stacie isn’t miffed
Married now a year, and still no gift.

My coiffure is in a total rut -
I need a color and perhaps a cut.
My nails, ugh, cry for a mani/pedi!
Looks like I crawled ‘cross the Serengeti.

Then there's...

My book to read about parenting in France,
and I really must exercise or dance.
Modern, yoga, pilates, ballet
And my kids still must go out to play.

And then of course there’s meal planning, shopping for food.
Everything about dinner makes me brood.
The whole food thing - I feel oppressed.
But that’s another topic, I fear I've digressed.

Naturally, I've got to clean this house
The crumbs under the table - a meal for a mouse.
Loads and loads of laundry to wash.
An issue I can never quash.

Phone calls to make, 
e-mails to write and send.
Lunches and coffees and playdates with friends.
Oh! I also have gift-cards to use at the mall.
How I love shopping - it's such a cure-all!

While I'm there, there are things I need to take back.
Clothing I should have left right on the rack.

There're bags of baby clothes I need to donate.
And so many blog posts I long to create,
About how our life with kids can be funny,
Or terribly maddening, or blessed and sunny.

And I want to write more about the Trayvon killing
With rage and sadness I am still filling
Then Newt and Rick say Obama’s dividing the races*
Total fuckwads those two; THEY are the real disgraces.

So though I hate ending on that low key,
Methinks that it is time for me
to get up from this computer
And get myself dressed.
I need to go and…
Screw it, Mama needs to rest.  

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