Sunday, March 18, 2012

If Someone Passes You the Baton, Just Run With It

I have always wanted to participate in one of these blogger get-to-know-you-in-a-quirky-aren't-we-bonding/I-feel-like-we-should-be-having-wine-now-even-though-I-don't-know-you-from-Adam interviews.  But to participate, you had to get tagged.  You had to be invited.

It was like a party; it was like high school.

Then someone sent me one! Yes!  I had arrived.
Psyche!  Meant for a blog I guest for, not my post. 
But unlike in high school, where I'd slink away and sob like Marcia Brady, this time I'm running with it. 
So here's how it works:
  1. Post the rules.   
  2. Tag up to eleven bloggers by posting links to their blogs, and let them know.
  3. Create eleven questions for the people you’ve tagged.
  4. Answer the questions your tagger posed for you.*
  5. Have fun!
Here are my favorite bloggers who I know won't immediately send an e-mail from me into their spam files.  They also happen to be the blogs I have tagged.   Seriously, these are fabulous blogs, written by funny, honest mamas with serious writing chops.  Check them out!  Especially to see how they choose to answer (or not) the kooky questions that come from this bag with a hole cut out of the bottom otherwise known as my brain.  

Tiny Dancers
Poop and Other Things Moms Are Obsessed With
The Girlfriend Mom
My Dishwasher's Possessed

And now for the moment you've been waiting for - the answers to my questions.

What is your favorite movie?

Can’t narrow it down to one, but here it goes.  I love prison escapes like Papillon and The Shawshank Redemption.  I’m a child of the 80s, so Sixteen Candles will always have a special place in my heart.  But my all time fave - Gladiator.  I dig bloody historical fiction.  If George Costanza had a younger black sister, it’d be me.  So violent, underdog revenge flicks – bring ‘em.

What is your favorite drink?                                                                                      

I’m not even going to ask if you mean alcoholic or not.  Tanqueray and Tonic.  I wrote that with a lockjaw. 

What are you reading now?
As books are concerned I am single at the moment.  All I can handle are little dalliances in the form of blogs and the kabillions of links on FB and Twitter. 

What is your exercise of choice?
Ballet class no doubt.

Are you a late night or early dawn person?
Definitely late night.  You should only be up at early dawn if you have small children or are socializing on the town or inside with a, tee-hee, special friend. 

What equipment do you use for photography?
Do praying and cursing count when I use my Ipad?

How many words do you write in one sitting? 
About 4.  Before I get up to get a snack, and then go check my blog stats and learn who found his own personal Jesus in a bowl of homemade soup.  

Do you like to edit?
I edit way too much, usually as I go. Therefore,  fruitful writing sessions are rarity.  I try to just write stream of consciousness -- mistakes and all -- and then go back and edit, but it comes out sounding like the thoughts of someone who washed down three Vicodin with a bottle of Wild Turkey. Hence, as we go editing it is.

Do you re-write before you give it to your editor or do you hand it off raw?
My editor, hmmm.  Oh, yes, definitely I hand it off to her raw.  They’ve gotta pay that skirt for something! Seriously, I hope to soon be working with an editor besides Mrs. Yoursa Truly.

In the Matrix, he asked to come back as someone important, like an actor. What or who would you like to come as? 
Okay, the dancer in me would like to come back as someone crazy fierce and talented.  I’ve never been flexible, so I’d love to feel what it would be like to have wacky extension and banana feet – someone like say, Alicia Graf-Mack, of the Ailey Company.  Then I’d also love to be someone crazy bright – someone who didn’t have a soft spot for Russell Crowe wearing tunics and armor and being a human Cuisinart.  A woman like Hilary Clinton or Madeleine Albright.

Do you read more than one book at a time? 
 I like to mix up a book with my New Yorker.  This means the real answer to this question is no (said in a soft-spoken voice that conveys a sense of shame at an intellect that from a few short years as a mother is now in the same class as a Slim Jim).

*Questions provided by Sonia Rumzi. 

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  1. Loved Gladiator. LOVE.

    Glad to be tagged. Might be some time until I get around to it, but I'll do my best.

    Welcome to the world of memes and the like.


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