Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fighting Words in the Mommy Wars: Working Moms Have it (Somewhat) Easier

What life as a SAHM is like sometimes.
What life as a SAHM is much of the time.

Being a SAHM, a stay-at-home mom
certainly can be a choice,
something like
"Should I get the Bentley? Or maybe the Rolls Royce?"

Now those are not the ladies
that I mean to I refer to
I mean those for whom home and work
is one humungous issue.

For some women,
staying home's the only course,
All day with a Nanny or at daycare
is a thing they don't indorse.

Other moms don't work enough,
or don't earn sufficient cash
What they'd have to pay in childcare
would eat their pay up in a flash.

Some equate the self with work;
they love, love, love their jobs
At the mere thought of being careerless,
they break down into sobs.

Whatever the case, we all know it's easy
to be a stay at home mom.
You play a little and work a little,
like in an old-school sitcom.

News flash folks, a SAHM works
from sunup to sundown
She is essentially a peon,
while each kid wears a crown.

Unless she is one of those ladies
who has a full time sitter.
While she (sigh) works with her trainer and has treatments,
gosh, no I'm not bitter!

Desperate Housewives, indeed,
on the verge of emotional collapse
Navigating meltdowns, picky eaters,
and God forbid -- the missed nap.

People ask, "They love their kids, don't they?"
They're lucky -- they shouldn't complain.
Some tender, loving moments, sure
but many more that are insane.

Working moms have it a little easier,
it's a fact, not a boast.
If you want to know why I think this,
see my Parent Society post!

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  1. This is great! Oh, and the missed nap is the worst! Now I'm going to read your Parent Society post!


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