Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April Finding the Funny and Huge Chobani Giveaway!

Welcome to April's Finding the Funny! Before we start sharing our funny posts, we have a (huge) giveaway!

My Parenting Victory (and a HUGE giveaway)!

My Yogurt Eaters

Bedtime.  A struggle, to put it mildly in my home, and I'm sure in many of yours.  Most nights I feel as though I'm going into battle against an adversary equipped with the latest technological advances, while I have only a basket of blueberries.  

But last night I decided to take back the power.

I explained the rules. Bedtime was at 9 pm sharp.  They could have as many stories as they wanted if they got their bath done, pj's on and teeth brushed quickly.  I would set a timer, and when it beeped at 9 pm, it was lights out.

They seemed to get it.  They loved the idea of having as many stories as possible if they moved quickly, which they did. Both got 3 stories each, with me reading to Mr. R and the Hubs to Lady A.  When the buzzer rang, there was minimal protest -- far less than I expected.  Within minutes they had their fill of hugs and kisses and were tucked into bed.  

IT WORKED!  Victory was mine!  I was proud of myself for not caving, and of them for cooperating.  A system is born!  From now on, hopefully bedtime will be as easy as it is to get them to eat their morning yogurt!

Raising kids isn’t easy, but Chobani Champions is all about celebrating the little victories in parenting. Together with Chobani, we wanna make YOU a winner.

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It's Finding the Funny Time!

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The Rules

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  1. Love the idea of making the bedtime battle into a game! Hope that system continues to work and that the victories continue to pile up. Thanks so much for helping us spread the word about our Champions!


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