Sunday, April 1, 2012

Following in the Footsteps

I'll confess.

Over the years, I've spent many a class not having a chicken's clue about the exercise/combination.  

Maybe it was day 3 of the combo and the teacher didn't really teach, so much as review.  Maybe it was crazy technical and I got googly eyed over the teacher or demonstrator's extension/turn-out/feet/musicality and "missed" the movement and counts.  

Maybe I was two poorly clenched butt cheeks away from blowing myself across the studio due to the might-as-well-have-pumped-air-into-my-colon salad/yogurt/snack I'd been stupid enough to eat before class.  

Whatever the case, as far as dance is concerned, I can follow like the best of 'em.  

Enter Blinkbooks, a little e-book -- a clever piece of visual candy, if you will. 

MNS spotlight moms Nicole Shaw over at Ninja Mom and the fabulous Jennifer McLester are brilliant blinkbooks authors.  I idolize these women.  If they had found that a masque made of month-old ham salad would repair an oily T-zone I'd slap that s--t on my face by the barrel.  Needless to say, after seeing their fab creations I had to follow in their footsteps. 

Little kids might call this copying, not following, but let's not even go there...

Go Here: 

In the House of Mom We Believe

Please click on the link below the photo for a look-see at my fledging design skillz -- so novice-level I had to spell skills with a "z." Speaking of the f-word, do that when you get over to Blinkbooks. 

I mean FOLLOW.  Jeez.  

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  1. What a super-fun site! Loved the blinkbook, following along like a little lost sheep. Baaaaaa...


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