Friday, August 3, 2012

A Member of Society

You have delusions of grandeur!   

Miss Hollywood.

Champagne tastes and beer (water scooped out of a puddle?) money.

These are phrases I've heard often -- very often -- in reference to my tastes.  

From the time I was a little girl in Queens, I wanted to dance the tango in a large elegant room with a man of mystery.  I just knew I'd be a member of high society.  I knew I would dance.  

But unfortunately, I realized that unless you were ridiculously talented, ridiculously lucky and married a sugar daddy -- or you paired dancing with vapo-thieving diamonds right off the bodies of spectators-- dancing was no ticket to riches.  

And I didn't care.  

I danced in the U.S. and in Europe and I taught dance.  I married a wonderful man.  We had two beautiful children. While we're not jetting off on vacation with the frequency with which McDonald's tries to convince people that it's healthy/like Starbucks/where the cool people eat, I am living a great life.  Despite what those who define everyone by their annual household income and material possessions may think, being able to lead a creative life is a gift.  

But then, all of a sudden, it happened. Because of my writing, society let me in! Even though I am not fit to remove an errant piece of toilet paper from David Sedaris's shoes, I have finally been admitted into society.  

Parent Society that is! 

Yes, I am one of the official bloggers at! Do pay a call to my first post,  The Best Mom Workout: 8 Lessons in Patience Training.  Also, the Parent Society button over in the right-hand side column of this blog is your calling card to all my Parent Society posts.  

Do the Patience Training workout immediately if by 9 a.m. you have ever craved a triple venti Mexican Coffee, some Benadryl for your kids (even though they're experiencing no allergic reaction whatsoever), and a one-way ticket to Guam.     

Go!  Become a functioning member of society!

Note: you don't have to join anything to read posts. But you have to register to comment, which I know you will, in order to show your superior intellect and breeding. 


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