Thursday, August 23, 2012

How to Get Your Husband to Help Around the House

What would you if when you heard about a husband who loaded the dishwasher properly without being asked?

Would you

a)laugh hysterically, thinking this is the most far-fetched thing you've heard in months?

b) sit down and weep, wondering how you can get your Hubs to do something so amazing?


c) smile smugly, because you are the lucky chick who has wedded such a man.

If you answered a or b, take heart, for this week's Parent Society Post is a list of suggestions for your husband.  If you want to get your husband to help around the house, this is a godsend for you!  Copy it and put it on his pillow.  On the mirror in the bathroom.  On the dashboard of his car.

Make him see it in his dreams.

And if you answered c, more power to ya.  So you married Mr. Clean.  Stop lording it over the rest of us will ya?

And for all y'all as they say, the parents in society are very, very vocal.  Take off those lace gloves and get in the fray.  I might need you to have my back!

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