Friday, December 28, 2012

How to be a Mom Hottie on New Year's Eve 2013

New Year's Eve Fashion for Moms on

Momsanity and Momsanity holiday edition were the workouts that got you that killer bod you are now rockin'.  None of that 2 hours minimum per day of Pilates for you.  After all, you are a middle-class mother of small children. The only way you could swing the child care for that kind of time commitment would be to set a Sesame Street DVD to repeat and duct tape your kids to the sofa.

Oh-so-wisely you used the trials and tribulations of motherhood to get yourself a bounce-quarters-up-to-heaven ass!

But still, you have a problem.

HOW TO ADORN ALL THIS FABULOUSITY?!!! (asked while running your fingers down your sides and striking a fierce pose.)

You simply CANNOT do New Year's Eve with a body to die for, but looking like a prime example of the no-style lifestyle.  You've trolled (pun fully intended!) Pinterest boards seeking new looks, but God, they're so effing complicated and intimidating.   

"For the love of vodka, I just want to be a trendy mom!" you scream aloud.

Fortunately, Kim, the blogger behind Let Me Start By Saying has answered your prayers! In a lushly rich spread entitled New Years Eve Fashion for Moms, she has assembled 14 of the hottest mom bloggers (Including me!) out there to demonstrate the go-to trends of New Years 2013!  The stunning photography will inspire you to experiment not only with new looks, but with a new way of BEING.  

You'll be the trendy mom of your dreams, daring to rock a style like none other.  

You'll be a rare goddess who can coax unparalleled beauty and elegance from her four year old's craft box.  For realz, check me out!  I look like I just finished a make out session with a Big Bird's drag queen cousin.

Don't endure another New Year's Eve looking like a refugee from the planet Ugly!  Visit New Years Eve Fashion for Moms!

We're waiting for you...


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    1. Thanks, Mama! I feel very trollish next to some of the other beauties in our little group!


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