Wednesday, February 13, 2013

How Hot (and Sexy) is Your Valentine's Day?

Once upon a time you hated Valentine’s Day.  All the red, the roses, the chocolate, the restaurant reservations.

The maribou handcuffs. 

It was ridiculous.

Then you met the one, and it all changed.  You couldn’t wait for the big day.  Instead of envying or scorning the couples eating those overpriced prix fixe meals at restaurants, you wisely and naughtily planned evenings in.

But once the kids came, it turned into something else altogether.  A day where you felt reminded that you should have a relationship worthy of a Nicholas Sparks novel, while making the kids feel special and stuffing them with candy. 

It can be so hard to keep the heat in Valentine’s Day, don't you think?  Take our quiz and see if you and your partner are a bonfire of passion, a slow burn, or more like a wet blanket and a match.

1.  You have been planning what you’d do for Valentine’s Day 2013 for:
            a. months
            b. weeks
            c.  Oh crap! Anyone got some red chocolates left over from Christmas?

2.  You want to get your husband an inspirational book – something you can do    together. You’re thinking______.
             a.  50 Shades of Grey
             b.  Table for Two:  The Cookbook for Couples
             c.  I Married a Baby:  Getting Your Mate to Grow the @#$% Up

3.  To make your husband weak in the knees this February 14th, you will ________.
            a.  rock lingerie that will make Victoria’s Secret models look like nuns.
            b.  treat him to something so delicious, his heart will stop – in a good way!
            c.  knock some sense into his head (literally!) via skillet.

4.   The biggest obstacle to intimacy has been ____________ .
            a.  nothing - a gila monster, scorpions and a chastity belt couldn’t stop us!
            b.  our children who never leave us alone.
            c.  the low-lying brick wall down the center of our California king. 

5.  To rekindle the fires you would need ______________ .
            a.  if we got any hotter we’d be a volcano.
            b.  a vacation.
            c.  medication. 


  1. Cute quiz. My husband and I hardly see each other on Valentine's Day. He's a musician and that's a big working day for him.

    1. Thanks, Lovelyn! Hope you get a Valentine's rain check. Or maybe you don't need one with the other 364 days of your year? :-)

  2. I *think* I pass the test. But, on a regular day basis - not exclusive to Valentine's Day. We don't really do Valentine's Day. Especially when it falls on a Thursday with 2 kids and 1500 miles from Grandparent babysitters.

    1. Lucky girl- seems like you don't need a Valentine's Day! For the rest of us, it's like the New Year's of romance...

  3. We're slow burners over here. We even had a friend offer to watch the kids tonight so we could go out, but we're taking a rain check for next week, when all the young lovers are working late to pay off the overpriced roses they bought today.

  4. Great quiz! I think we're somewhere between slow burn and wet blanket/match. Some days it feels like a blow torch couldn't get things started. And other days it feels like we get back in our groove. Still, a vacation for just the two of us wouldn't be a bad idea. Thanks for the V-day laughs!


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