Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The ABCs of Thankful Me

Aria, my little miracle girl.  She amazes me daily with her strong, fearless, sassy, funny personality.  I love her more every day and can't wait to spend more time with her.  

BodyHype.  The name is terrible - an homage to the New Jack style of the early nineties, dreamed up by a team of shady Ivy League boys, who at this point in their lives are probably extremely wealthy white collar criminals.  Nevertheless, thank you B-Hype for putting the shine in my college years, something I'm sure you continue to do for many a student at Ol' Nassau.

Compassion. When evident in day-to-day life, or when you read about it or see it on TV, it is life affirming.  It can move me to tears, and I wish it were more evident a virtue in business and politics.

Dancing.  My religion since I was 3 years old.  Thank you for being more than an art form, but an anchor, therapy, community and identity.

Extraneous calories.  Mostly in the form of Twizzlers, gummy bears and alcohol.  Yes, these things have zero nutritional value, but if you've ever spent the entire day outnumbered by children under the age of 3 and you DON'T need these things, you either don't give a shit or are the second coming.  

Facebook.  Sure, if you calculated the months I have spent learning about the minutiae, however noteworthy, of my "friends'" lives, I could have built a chalet out of toothpicks, but FB has put me back in touch with so many dear friends from my distant past that I have to be thankful for it.  


a tie between my girlfriends, whom I couldn't live without,
Gunn, Tim.  For some it's W.W.J.D? For me it's What would Tim Gunn say? I love this man.  I want to meet him.  I want him to be my own personal cheerleader.  He's smart, elegant, funny.  He shows that one can give straight up, honest advice sensitively, so as to make the recipient feel encouraged and motivated, but not patronized. "Make it work," and "I'm concerned" are two of my favorite things to say as a teacher/choreographer/adviser.  If someone can get me a meeting with him.  I'd be eternally grateful.  I'll give you, well certainly not my firstborn, but I'll think of something. . .   I cyberspace pinky swear! 

Hamm, Jon.  Lawdamercy! Never mind, I'm married...

Infertility.  We are blessed; we made it through with not one, but two, beautifully healthy, happy endings.  

My husband, the love of my life.  We've made a beautiful life together and two fantastic children.  

Keesha.  I may have entered my frumpalicious period, and yet, in the words of Stuart Smalley, "I'm good enough.  I'm smart enough.  And doggone it, people like me."

Leyli.  An amazing solo I got to do when I was dancing for Amy Marshall.  One of the highlights of my dance career.  

Mother.  My mother moved here to be with her only grandchildren. Her generosity is unparalleled.  

Nighttime.  My time. The kids are in bed and I can finally have time for myself - to lose myself online or spend time with my husband.  Ideally, it's time get dressed up, go out and remember that a fulfilling nightlife needn't involve the sofa, TV and Ben and Jerry's/popcorn/a barrel of wine.  

President Obama.  Yes, you are a mere mortal.  They can say what they will, but your symbol is a powerful one.  I am blessed to have seen your presidency come about in my lifetime, and blessed to bear witness to the old folks from the pre-Civil Rights era see your ascendancy as well.  

Pilates.  An amazing form of exercise that taught me about the body, and (once upon a time) kept me in kick ass shape.  I was lucky to teach it for 4 years.  It has changed the way I teach dance.  My mother, in her 70s, is now studying it, and loves it.  In the hands of a skilled instructor it is truly, truly amazing work.  

Quiet.  Something that is so rare these days.

Riley.  My firstborn.  My son.  He's growing into an amazing little person.  I love talking to him, hearing what he thinks and having a front seat for the productions of his imagination.  

Sex and the City, a.k.a. the young Golden Girls.  Excluding the second movie, I’m a junkie.  If I flip past a rerun, I'm stopping.  The show is like seeing and hearing the spectrum of your best girlfriends except with way better clothing (or clothing that would convince people you were a coke-addicted, high class whore if worn during the day/in public).  Within any foursome of gal-pals, who (as with Charlie's Angels 30 years ago) hasn't assigned each friend a character? And, if you must know, I usually come out as Charlotte. The show finally showed women discussing the big S like guys (okay, way more than guys) while owning their strengths, intelligence, wants and frailties, all the same.  

My best friend of 30 years.  Biologically, I'm an only child, but I have a sister.  She is the godmother of my children, and although we are hundreds of miles away, we talk almost daily and are closer than ever.  I'm extremely lucky to be drop-everything-now for both happy and sad times with you, Lady T.

Underpants.  Cotton.  'Nuff said.  

Victories, small, and usually unexpected.  Like arriving to a birthday party on time,  getting your child to eat broccoli by stuffing them in tubes of rigatoni or just getting out of the house.  I'm grateful just to be able to recognize these as victories.  

Whole Foods, a.k.a. Whole Paycheck.  Some days you're the bastard stepchild of a crunchy health food store and Safeway, but gone rogue and on steroids.  Other days, you are a shining beacon of light.  I love you, I love you, I love you, even though $100 can equal a bag of groceries my one year old could carry on her pinky.   

X-chromosome.  Thank you for meeting your match to give us a girl the second time around.

You.  Because if you are reading this, I must be doing something just a little bit right.  I can't thank you enough for taking a seat for my show.

The Zoo.  A great zoo (on the level of the Bronx Zoo in NYC, the Brookfield in the Chicago area, etc.) is a treasure, relaxing and fun, especially for the kids.  Studying the movement of animals in their simulated habitats is a much needed escape into the otherworld of nature. 

What are you thankful for?

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!  

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  1. We're thankful for friends like you. Thanks for your "L" quote. Your Leyli was stunning! It was passionate, fiery, and purposeful. We are thankful for having the chance to see you in that role. Happy Thanksgiving!


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