Monday, November 21, 2011


 Three years ago, I gazed upon a little face and held a tiny body. 
I figured out how to nourish him, 
comfort him and keep him happy.  
I gave him lots of tummy time.
Eventually he learned to sleep and to eat.  
To crawl and to walk.  
To play, to run and to jump.
To be social.  

Today I am in awe of the little boy he has become.
A generally great sleeper, and adventurous eater.
I am so proud of his spirit, his warmth, 
his ever-present desire to reach out to others.
His physical coordination, his great vocabulary, his curiosity and his imagination.

He continues to teach me how to be a great mom.

We keep growing.

Little man, we have so much more to learn!  
So much more playing to do! 

And I can't wait.  But I need to, because already time seems to be going faster and faster.  

You say you became a big man in the stroller.  
Soon you will be that big man (but not in the stroller).

I love you more than you'll ever know.

Happy 3rd Birthday, my little love. 

Happy Birthday.  


  1. Happy Big 3 to Riley! Hope he had an awesome day. K, hold on to those squishy hugs as long as you can....

  2. Happy Birthday Riley! Such a gorgeous boy!! Happy 3rd year of being Mommy, Keesha! It's a journey that is life changing & makes us better people. Loved your post for his birthday. And the photos. So sweet. It's truly amazing getting to watch them grow & become their own little person. :) I think when our babies have birthdays it reminds us how great motherhood can be. And your post definitely expressed how wonderful it is. xoxo

  3. Happy Birthday Riley! And what a cool, dapper young lad you are becoming. Time flies way too fast. Keesha, you are an amazing mom so it doesn't surprise me that your kids would become superstars in their own way. To the years ahead and the great things to come!

  4. So beautiful, made me cry :-) Happy Birthday to our BFF!!! He looks so much like his daddy in this last photo.


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